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Measurement of Water Pollution

Sudeep, 02-Mar-2012

Measurement of Water Pollution

Transportation and Chemical Reaction of Water Pollutants

Rivers and sea both of them are main transportation sources of “Water Pollution” from one place to another. We can trace the transportation sped of water pollutants with the help of “hydrology transport models”. “DSSAM Model” and “SMMM” are strong and new models and using these experts use to search and justify the amount of pollutant which is present in out “Earth’s aquatic system”.

The source and amount of all kinds of water pollutants are rising their head and creating a lot of problem in our environment. Industries and factory plants and their reactions are increasing day per day and the waste materials are coming out in a large amount of decaying the source of fresh water.

Many types of “Chlorinated Hydrocarbons” such as “Trichloroethylene” and “Tetrachloroethylene” use to come out in various industrial processes.

Ground Water Pollution” is much bigger problem than “Surface Water Pollution” many chemical compounds, Soil contaminates and sinkholes are playing important role in it.

Measurement of Water Pollution

Water pollutants stats are measured and analyzed by using Biological methods, Chemical methods and Physical methods.

Government organizations and research organization have decided many models and standards and models also to analyze the amount of pollutants. Firstly researches use to pick a sample of water and then they use to apply tests and processes to check standards of water source and its quality.

(a) Physical Testing

In this category the temperature and availability of solid concentrations we to check.

(b) Chemical Testing Process

Using the standards and principals of “analytical chemistry” the sample of water is checked and it is analyzed that in how much amount the organic water pollutant and Inorganic water pollutants are present and also the amount of “Chemical Oxygen Demand” Nitrate and Phosphorus (P) is checked.

Zinc (Zn), Cadmium (cd), Mercury (Hg), oil pollutants and petroleum hydrocarbons, amount is also checked during “Chemical Testing”.

(c) Biological Testing Process

It is used to check the plants, microbiological contents and aquatic ecosystem of earth. This process is also called “Bacteriological Water analysis” in general terms.
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